Swiss Space Systems

A Company of Researchers for Researchers:

Integrated Spaceflight Services provides research-grade microgravity on Falcon-20 aircraft and is the exclusive payload integration partner for Swiss Space Systems zero-g flights in North America

Free Proposal Assistance

We streamline the flight qualification process. Start by completing our online Payload Reference Document (PRD).  Our engineers will review this to prepare your experiment for its Initial Compliance Check (ICC).

Aerospace Medical Assistance

We provide aerospace medical assistance for in-flight experimenters as well as an Internal Review Board (IRB) for experiments involving human test subjects.  We want to make sure your team is able to perform at its peak!

FAA Certification of Payloads

We have experienced PhD-level engineers available with microgravity experience that will assist you develop a flight-ready experiment.  Then our integration engineers will manage the flight qualification, test, and integration process.