Falcon-20 Reduced Gravity Laboratory

25 years of microgravity heritage

Demonstrated microgravity quality within 20 milli-Gs

Flights are dedicated to your experiment

We Provide:

  • FAA Certification of science and engineering payloads
  • PhD-level assistance in payload certification and integration
  • Internal Review Board (IRB) and aerospace medical assistance
  • Online Payload Reference Document (PRD) Submission

Flights are Dedicated to Your Experiment

Integrated Spaceflight Services has experience integrating a wide range of payloads, including those with direct human involvement such as spacesuit testing!

Integrated Spaceflight tests prototype spacesuits on the Falcon-20

Falcon-20 Reduced Gravity Aircraft Capabilities

  • Cabin volume 14.2 cubic meters (5.0 m x 1.5 m x 1.5 m (LWH)
  • Flights support up to Five Researchers
  • Each flight supports up to 32 parabolas
  • Each parabola has at least 15 seconds of 0.02 g or less
  • G-levels may be customized; experiment may be adjusted on request
  • Aircraft performance data is sampled and recorded at 32 Hz
    • Aircraft position: altitude, pitch, yaw
    • Aircraft movement: airspeed, accelerations
    • Cabin environment: temperature, pressure
  • 16 channels available to record payload data synchronous with the aircraft data