Airbus A340 Reduced Gravity Laboratory

Integrated Spaceflight Services: The Research and Education Partner of Swiss Space Systems in America

Core Capabilities
  • Serve Commercial, Academic, and Educational microgravity communities
  • Organize and manifest parabolic research flights on S3’s wide-body Airbus aircraft
  • Qualify, certify, and integrate parabolic experiments for S3’s wide-body Airbus aircraft
We Provide:
  • The S3 Wide-body Airbus – the largest reduced gravity aircraft in the world!
  • The S3 Autopilot-assisted parabolas – exceptional quality of microgravity
  • A cost effective solution for your microgravity flight needs
  • FAA Certification of science and engineering payloads
  • PhD-level assistance in payload certification and integration
  • Internal Review Board (IRB) and aerospace medical assistance
  • Online Payload Reference Document (PRD) Submission
14-10-31b ISS S3 Presentation2

Life sciences research in the C-9 microgravity environment (credit: NASA)

S3 Reduced Gravity Aircraft Capacity

The S3 aircraft is divided into three sections: The Front Laboratory, the mid-deck laboratory, and the Aft Laboratory. The Front Laboratory is ideal for free floating experiments or experiments that require a dedicated area. The Mid-Deck produces the highest quality of microgravity, and the Aft Laboratory can accommodate the largest number of participants. All laboratories may be individually reserved.
seating graph
Section Forward Mid Aft
Total Area 47 m^2
(423 ft^2)
53 m^2
(477 ft^2)
77 m^2
(693 ft^2)
Maximum number of Experiments
6 8 10
Maximum Number of in-Flight Experimenters 12 28 40

Volume and Weight

– Installation Volume = 3.5m x 1.7m x 0.9m (d x h x w) : door size= 1.93m (6.33ft) x 1.07m (3.51ft) (h x w)

– Weight: Priced in 50kg increments


– 28V DC, 110v AC and 220V AC available

– Power Available: 850 W per experiment (estimated)

– Three phase power: In planning – CALL

Inflight WiFi Connectivity

2015 Flight Manifest

14-10-31b ISS S3 Presentation

Space technology research in the C-9 microgravity environment (credit: NASA)

Fall 2016 North American Flight Location

  • Kennedy Space Center, Florida   (Please inquire for actual flight dates)

Standard REM Experimenter's Packages

Standard REM packages include basic integration services.  Experiments must fit within a standardized Integrated Spaceflight box.


  • Integration services for one payload (up to 50kg)
  • 6 m2 of research area, accommodating up to 50kg.
  • Accommodation for three flight experimenters
  • Flight Experimenter pre-flight qualification training
  • Flight Suit usage for all flight experimenters
  • In-flight video available for download


            15 parabolas: $20,000

            30 parabolas: $32,000

  • Additional Flight Experimenters priced at $3000 each.
  • Additional Payload Mass priced at $1500 per 50kg payload.

NASA Flight Opportunities Proposals

Flight Opportunities packages start at 60 parabolas and can be priced in increments of 30 parabolas.  All Flight Opportunities packages come with comprehensive integration services and aerospace medical support, and are thus ideal for researchers developing unique payloads that present unique integration challenges.

Please download the current price list here.  Integrated Spaceflight can modify any package per request to meet your proposal needs.

Standard FOP Packages include:

  • Microgravity flights (increments of 15 parabolas/flight)
  • Approximately 25 seconds of reduced gravity each parabola
  • Accommodations for three in-flight experimenters (more available)
  • Experimenter pre-flight training, medical support and flight suit usage
  • In-situ laboratory payload preparation space with laboratory tooling
  • In-flight accommodation for payloads up to 50kg (more available)
  • Research area of 2.5m x 2.5m (6.25m2)
  • FAA certification of payloads
  • In-flight data communications and video recording

2016 Price List

  1. Request Flight Reservation from Integrated Spaceflight
  • Download/review Test Experiment Data Package (TEDP) and ICD
  • Complete and submit the Payload Reference Document (PRD)
  • Sign Draft Reservation Agreement with ISS
  1. Execute Flight Reservation Contract (Subsequent to FOP award)
  • Commitment to specific flight opportunity
  • Initial Compliance Check (ICC) and start of FAA certification activities by ISS
  • 25% of payment due
  1. Payload Qualification (T-45 days)
  • All airworthiness documents complete (FAA DER signoff)
  • Full payment due
  1. Test Readiness Review (T-3 days at operations facility)
  • Test checklists and documentation reviewed (FAA DAR signoff)
  • Payload operational check
  • Waivers and medical forms of all flight personnel reviewed

Submit Payload Reference Document (PRD)

Reserving Entire Sections or Flights

Mid-Deck Laboratory                       $79000 (15 parabolas)

This is the central laboratory. Located nearest the aerodynamic center of the aircraft, it provides the highest quality of microgravity on the aircraft.


Aft Laboratory                                  $99000 (15 parabolas)

Located in the rear of the aircraft, the Aft Laboratory is the largest lab and ideally suited for large experiment for large numbers of in-flight experimenters or participants.


Reserving the Entire Aircraft            $225,000 (15 parabolas)   $450,000 (40 parabolas)

Integrated Spaceflight will arrange to bring the entire aircraft to your university or research institution! We can customize all aspects of your flight, including number of parabolas and the magnitude of gravity desired. A two-flight minimum, or a 40-parabola flight, is required for a specialized deployment of the S3 aircraft to a suitable location not manifested on the flight schedule.


Customized Services

For researchers requiring non-standard services such as larger test areas, additional parabolas, or unique integration needs, Integrated Spaceflight can design a customized program that meets your requirements. Please contact Integrated Spaceflight’s microgravity manager Aaron Persad to begin the process.

*If the FAA determines that an experiment requires more than the requested floor space or full review, an additional fee may be incurred.