A Company of Researchers for Researchers


Integrated Spaceflight Services has provided research-grade microgravity service on dedicated Falcon-20 aircraft since 2015.


Payload Qualification Services

We streamline the payload integration and certification process to get your experiment ready for flight on the Falcon 20. Start by completing our online Payload Reference Document (PRD); our experienced PhD-level engineers have microgravity experience and will help you prepare your experiment for its Initial Compliance Check (ICC) prior to the flight qualification, test, and integration process.

Aerospace Medical Services

We provide aerospace medical expertise by our team of aerospace physicians for in-flight experimenters as well as an Internal Review Board (IRB) for experiments involving human test subjects. We are the only organization to fly commercial space suits in microgravity and we want to make sure your team is able to perform at its peak!

Space Education Services

We develop custom space flight simulation facilities, spacecraft mockups, space suit technologies, and customized aerospace instruction. We are the exclusive flight simulation provider to the International Institute of Astronautical Sciences, Project PoSSUM, and Project OTTER.  Interested in a customized, creditable academic program? Consult with our Publications Office!